Beautiful and functional storage ideas for your bathroom

Many of our clients are surprised by the creative ideas and solutions we propose when it comes to remodeling their bathrooms. They often think we’ll simply replace the current cabinets with the exact same layout of cabinets. However, the reality is that it’s not going to change the cost that drastically if you already plan on changing your original cabinets to completely gut the entire layout and start over.

You can actually get beautiful, custom cabinets at the same cost or less than the lower quality products that you can buy off the shelf at Home Depot or another big-box retailer. At M2 Enterprise, we are a SOLLiD Cabinetry dealer and a New Cabinet Company dealer, both premium providers of gorgeous cabinetry offering different levels of price points and customization options.

So let’s get back to the point: creative bathroom storage ideas. Here are a few solutions that our clients are loving recently:

  1. Under Bathroom Sink Drawer: We love this option because, for years, we all just dealt with the wasted space under our sinks, which is crazy. Our clients are loving this simple drawer that is perfect for hair tools storage, towels, and many other things.
  2. Shower Niche / Cubby: If you are planning a shower renovation, you should definitely consider installing a shower niche or two, depending on your needs. Having these beautiful niches built into the shower tile looks flawless and simple, and they can stand out drastically with accent tile if you choose. Make sure you measure your tallest shampoo bottle to ensure it will fit in your niche for optimal function.
  3. Built-in Bench with Storage: We’ve seen many requests recently for custom built-in benches in bathroom remodels. The beautiful thing about this bathroom storage solution is that it’s totally functional: you can sit on it as you get undressed for a shower, or as you get ready, or it becomes the inevitable spot your kids will hang out while you get ready. Even better though, the bench can open to store all kinds of things like towels, sheets, and other larger items.  
  4. Display Cabinet: We are loving the display cabinet trend that we’re seeing pop up in our favorite design feeds. This can be done with a custom cabinet with glass-like you might see in a kitchen, or you can utilize a freestanding cabinet that might be a family heirloom or something you have in your house already. Opting for glass will encourage you to stay organized.


We hope this inspired you to think about all the storage possibilities that exist in your bathroom! If you need help dreaming up your next remodel, please give us a call.